Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Wallop from The Way Back

The Way Back, Peter Weir’s first film since Master and Commander in 2003, is an effortlessly inspirational film. Allegedly the film is based on a true story; however its veracity is disputed. Nonetheless, the film depicts a beautiful story of survival and the value of freedom. The Way Back is a about a group of rough men who escape from a Stalinist gulag in 1941 to travel thousands of miles out of Serbia to India. The determined group encounters blizzards, dust storms, mountains, deserts and a young Russian orphan along the way. Weir’s depiction is not in the least bit Hallmark-like. According to Mick LaSalle of The San Francisco Chronicle, “Weir instills emotion in the audience, not by showing emotion, but by showing action and by holding emotion in check.”
Regardless of whether these exact events took place, during World War II other Poles undertook difficult journeys attempting to leave the Soviet Union. Accounts of their escapes can be found in the archives of the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London, England, and in the Hoover Institute, Stanford University, in California, in addition to other reasonably verifiable escapee autobiographies printed in English. The Way Back is meant to inspire and demonstrate the true triumph of the human spirit.

Check out the Trailer: The Way Back

Next is Mike Leigh's Film Another Year on March 9.


  1. I have never heard of this movie before, and it sounds intriguing. What is your honest take on it? Was it worth seeing? I love movies so any new/old suggestions are appreciated.

  2. I enjoyed it, and I would definitely suggest seeing it. Keep in mind it is long, but the story is heroic and depressing at the same time. I also highly suggest this week's film, Another Year, because it's simple story of family and friendship is touching.

  3. Same with Megan, I have never heard of this movie. I really do like movies based in the past because its interesting how different our lives are today. I think I'll watch this when I have time since it is a long film.

  4. Justine,
    I remember feeling very un-excited to be convinced by my Dad to watch "Master and Commander"...but, like most times this happens, I end up actually liking the movie! I will have to remember this title, as it sounds like a very captivating tale.